J Jiang(also known as Huiquan Jiang) is a visual artist working across mediums with painting, video, and site-responsive installation. Her works are the expression of intuition and the spiritual pursuit closest to purity and sanctity. Her online solo show was displayed at Albe Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi. Jiang’s works have been selected by Canvas International Art Fair, London, and on view at AREA CODE Art Fair, Boston, the Scollay Square Gallery at Boston City Hall and collected by the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Chinese traditional painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China, and an MFA in 2D painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston. She currently lives and works in Boston.

Grounded in spiritual reverence for the universe and its relationship to the human condition, my multidisciplinary practice functions as a vehicle for spiritual awakening; as potential or reimagined idols of some form of transcendent arousal of worship to open the spiritual mind. The yearning for reaching out to other universes and the aspiration of bizarre phenomena like extra-terrestrial drove me into creativity. It is beyond personal experience by viewing my arts. Still, it evokes the familiarity that is potentially in our collective memories about ancient human beings and the unknown things that we used to respect. Creating a totemic and intuitive pattern and symbols, I inquire about our relationship with the universe and profoundly pursue divinity and spirituality.